*Maus Rewrite

After being exposed to many other comics through out the semester, I felt rewriting my thoughts on Maus would be fitting. This being so, is because the visual style of the comic itself was less than appealing at first glance. After reading comics such as Frank Miller’s Sin City that has a much grittier texture to the drawings. The imagery was at times even painful to look at, much like Maus. Yet the fact that Spiegelman’s  story is based on a true story makes it even more painful to read. It’s a story that needed to be told, since it’s something that our generation should never forget. Being that World War II is now being disputed as never taking place.

I basically still feel the same about Maus’ storyline, and in the manner it was told. It’s a very genuine form of storytelling, and a reminder that we should value family and your heritage. I also appreciated that Art did not use perfect English when his father spoke. It made it feel even more believable, and made it feel as if he was sitting there telling it to you in that moment. Yet I feel that it will be years down the road until I re-read Maus again, and discover something new. It’s a graphic novel that doesn’t receive nearly the recognition it deserves.

Thanks for a great semester!


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