Creepy & Eerie

Not until after I attended the Illustration Academy did I know what Creepy & Eerie was. After shamefully admitting that I was unaware, I made amends by quickly searching the comic on the internet and searching the Ringling library. I then discovered that many of my heroes were apart of this weekly series, that just recently was compiled into two large volumes.

Personally, I prefer Creepy over Eerie since most of the fantasy grounded stories are in Creepy, where the horror stories are in Eerie. All the stories are certainly geared toward a male audience, yet there is always a strong female role that kept me hooked. Alas, the female lead is always taken advantage of, being that she’s dressed in heels and an evening dress…. Yet what really kept me reading was some of the beautiful ink work that is displayed on the pages. Jack Davis, Bernie Wrightson, and Frank Frazetta are a few to name that are apart of the Creepy and Eerie series. Davis’ slapstick style was always entertaining and added much “comic” relief between many of the darker stories. Wrightson’s work is absolutely stunning, and slightly caricatured which is my kind of style. Frankenstien is certainly is most well-known and best work in my opinion. Then there’s the master of Sci-Fi and fantasy work: Frank Frazetta. He is an ultimate since he can go from doing realistic amazon women riding giant tigers, to caricatured theater posters of actors. Each of the stories these giants have done, always match their tones and tastes.


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