What Is Torch Tiger?

What is Torch Tiger is the second of a new anthology that the Disney studio produces annually. Who is Rocket Johnson? was 2008’s first book, and now the third, Where is Dead Zero?, is their upcoming 2010 release. Over the summer when they were distributing the book, I was able to obtain a copy and attended the studio signing. It was before I really got into comics by attending this class, yet it compeltely spoke my language. These are comics that are written and drawn by story artists and animators alike.

The subject is the title of the books, so any of the artists could interpret what they would of it. Some were clever, other’s not so clever, and then there were the ones that left you laughing so hard it was difficult to remember what made the connection in the first place! In my opinion, Dean Wellins’ and Trevor Jimenez’s were the most orgininal and refresing of all the stories. Don’t get me wrong, there were also many stylistic and touching stories told, yet these two really shined for me. I’m afraid I can’t spoil the stories, yet I will allow the hint that one involves a strip club and other: a cock fight in heaven. So yeah, you can get the idea that all these stories are pretty broad and have a little bit of everything. So no matter your tastes, there’s something in there for you.


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