Sin City by Frank Miller

When first hearing of Frank Miller’s work, it wasn’t until 300 the movie came out. One element that stuck out to me, besides the amount of blood and skin of bombshell women, is his raw tenacity in a single image. Every panel in Sin City is filled with prowess with his strong, dirty linework. It had the pacing of being in a sped up-slow motion movie, and seeing the mere silhouettes of the characters is genius. Yet it’s quite entertaining that this down and out guy, Marv, is fighting for the justice of a one night stand. A story about a guy revenging his “girl.” Yet in every nasty, loud way possible. I can see why everyone wants to make his comics into movies, since they’re so cinematic. Frank Miller is certainly a milestone in the art of visual storytelling, since he dared to do what no one has done before.


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