The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Moore & O’Neil

These two graphic novel volumes caught my interest through a drawing Adam Hughes had done based on the characters Mina Murray and Edward Hyde. Since I had only seen the movie, it seemed wise to take a look into the stories based on them in the comic. Of course, the comic is much more rewarding in many ways. Yet, there are still qualities that I liked about how the movie handled the world and character’s personalities. Yet the story and pacing of the comic was much more appealing. Kevin O’Neil’s style even added that extra London flair with the drawing style that mimics much of the German magazine Simplicissimus, and that of Franklin Booth.

Yet, what particularly appealed to me was the handling of the character Edward Hyde. Not that I recently did a personal assignment on Christensen’s character, yet that it’s explained how Hyde came to be the size and character he is and how he changes through triggering stress. Also, there is an interesting relationship that is developed between Mina and Hyde, which was hinted in the movie yet never fully concluded. It’s very well written, and beautifully drawn. Yet I’m very partial to black and white, so some day I hope to find uncolored copies of these graphic novels to re-explore.


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