Heavy Liquid by Paul Pope

Reading Heavy Liquid was…an experience. I’ve never done any drugs or injected any sort of enhancer into my body my whole life, yet this made me question what was or was not real. Since I was able to see Paul Pope on the Cartoonist documentary, I quickly realized that the main character was Paul. It seems to be very autobiographical in a sense, yet on a very science-fiction/horror level. All of the drawing is handled beautifully. It’s very raw and gritty with ink splatters on every other panel. The characters and world were all very surreal, especially at the ending. The line is then completely faded. It’s a first-hand look through the character’s point of view while on this alien drug that the goverment is trying to seek. He basically loses all his companions due to this deadly weapon, and his love.

It was certainly a milestone in the ways of storytelling, that’s all I’ll take it for. Personally, I prefer Paul’s illustration/pin-up work overall. But that’s just me.


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