Ghost in the Shell

This was quite the interesting read apart from the other mangas that I have read. I’m usually partial to the lone wolf stories that are based in outter space locale, and not having half-naked women running around on every other panel. Yet knowing the popularity of Ghost in the Shell, I was always interested in reading the original story that made it’s popularity. Alas, the pages were graced with many inhumanly perfect women nearly half-naked with circuitry popping out of them… Besides the nudity, the world was quite convincing with the developed technology and heavy references to a neo-Tokyo. It was also interesting to see the manga partially colored, verses the strict black and white. In my opinion, black and white will always be more powerful in execution  since there’s no gray areas to cover up or confuse the panel. Unless the panels can stand alone, then color properly applied will only enhance them.  Besides all that, Ghost in the Shell was an okay read, yet very heavy on the popculture scene.


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