The Cartoonist Documentary

This documentary happened to catch my eye while perusing the DVD section in the library, and was delightfully surprised. Basically, all that our class has reviewed so far in the comic world is mentioned in Jeff Smith’s documentary. It’s amazing how such a massive project could be turned into something even bigger than one could imagine. Jeff Smith is so down to earth with his opinion on creating and drawing comics, and it’s amazing that not to much of this rockstar status has gone to his head. His personal approach to aesthetic in line and storytelling is savvy with my own, so now I’m completely hooked on Jeff Smith and Bone. The enchanting story of characters and a world that he built from his own backyard is amazing, and the fact that he has had these characters for YEARS in his head! There are still characters that I carry with me from my childhood, and after hearing that Jeff used his own, it gives immense hope to me as a creator. I hope to someday beable to cross paths with this significant cartoonist of the comicbook world. There would certainly be much to talk about!


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